It happens over and over, and yet another time, something is happening in the world, whether be cricket, or election of the new Pope, I keep scrolling my Facebook page to see a new News or say new Update. Many such times, I avoid coming to Facebook and stick to Google plus where I can filter stories by interest – as its called Circles.

News is only news when its seen or heard first time. Shouldn’t Facebook be smart enough to detect if the same picture or phrase is shared more than few times, then hide it?

People can have different views on the same news, and them sharing would be worth clicking a like or comment.

But all the same pictures, same exact lines, there is something called “Plagiarism”!. Does it still exist?

Folks, almost

Sharing tools on CNN

all the news sources offer direct links to share (see the image on left), why not share using those links? That way at least the source is cited? I know what you might be thinking right now, “Facebook is open for all and has no rules”!

:) this is just me, one doesn’t have to agree, but sharing is good, sharing is joy, sharing with source is more fun and its even better. At least you wont make mistake of adding “Pop” in front of “georgio”!

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