Since the inception of Orkut,  I have been using various social media platforms very actively  and it has immensely helped me to connect with many people . Not just Facebook but all others as they all offer totally different perspective – Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, FourSquare, Yelp and so on….

While I was in US, i didn’t find this awkward but since last 10 + months in India, I find that many people identify me as an addict… (if they use fb they call me fb addict) – while every time I go to a restaurant and try to check in and when I don’t find that place on either foursquare or Google map,  I feel so bad that  businesses are not yet embracing the Social Media to achieve multiple business / marketing goals.


So far I have spoken to few restaurant owners and gave them direct tips like Placing a “Check In Here and get 

10% off” sticker on the doors (Check a sample image on the left) and  then I find myself banging my head hard to convince them why that 10% off is much cheaper than the costly news paper adds. If I check in to a place, potentially 300+ people whom I am connected with, knows an authenticated place.

DamanSocialMediaAnyways, today while searching for a good resort hotel in Daman, I ended up on TripAdvisor and I noticed something that reminded me how powerful can a social media integration be. Have a look at the picture on the right, Without me doing anything, it tells me that 5 of my fb friends have been in Daman – Wont it be an awesome idea to call directly some one whom I know personally and get an advise on the place they may have stayed ???

editedEven while i am writing this entry,  I just received a notification on my Phone that Some one from my Foursquare list is around some place in Vadodara – not that I am around there right now, but if I was, he would be the most authenticated person to ask any question for anything, shopping, movie or food or would just have a coffee with him….

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