Disclosure: This post is for you if you are an entrepreneur, thinking to have a website or you are a novice web developer.

These are few very basic DO’s, DON’T’s and DON’T EVER tips. Follow them to get the basics of your website right.


  • Have a story to tell

Check if you really have a story to tell, if not make that first. And make sure people believe in that story. Best way to check this is, record yourself speaking about your product and see if you can convince some one in a video of a minute or less.

This story should be somewhere on your homepage. That one minute video, if done well, can be very well embedded on the home page.

Your goal now is to convert a visitor to a customer, a customer to a friend and a friend to a customer.

  • Call To Action


You know the ultimate success action for you on your website. There should a HUGE button on the top of each page of your site asking the visitor to take that action. If you are selling products, it will be BUY NOW, if you are a blogger, it’s SUBSCRIBE, if it’s a search engine, it should be SEARCH.

  • Are you available?

Make sure your visitors can reach you with no more than 2 clicks. Contact Form, Phone Numbers, emails and I even prefer physical address.

  • Test – Measure – Improve – Test – Measure ….


        1. ITS FREE
        3. AND IT’S SO DAMN EASY….

Google has invested heavily in creating the best Google app ever, yes, even better than GMAIL and MAPS, if you are going to have a website.

It allows you to track hundreds of things but mainly,

        1. Where and how your visitors are coming from
        2. from which page they are leaving your site
        3. On which page they are spending more or less time.

These three pieces of information can help you make your site better and better


  • 25 buttons navigation

Don’t expect your visitors to do something that you won’t do.

Don’t treat visitors like criminals; they are your prospective clients and they can make you money. Make sure you have easy navigation. Any possible information about the product or the company should not be more than 2 clicks away.

  • Worst Color combinations and size 8 fonts

There are many examples on the web; even if you zoom 150% you still can’t read the text either due to the background/text color combination or simply the font size. If you do this, expect less than a minute average time on site. If the visitor can’t read or learn about what he is going to buy, start selling magnifying glasses first (with larger font of course).

  • Lie

Lying is religiously (Leviticus 19:11) and ethically wrong. Don’t misguide your visitor by stating lies on your website. For ex. don’t market something that you are not yet doing, or you plan to do in future (thinking that if you get enough customers, you will do it). You can always say “Soon” to a product if you don’t have it ready to ship.


  • Domains are cheap

That doesn’t mean you keep buying them like grocery. (this is not for people who deal in buying / selling domains)

Buying domains doesn’t automatically start you a business.  It’s true that having a relevant domain name is very important for a business, but you cannot buy a domain name and then hope to (one day) start a business, it should be the other way around.

  • Don’t market your website, if it’s not ready!

Not too long ago, I came across few links on social media stating “Coming Soon” and some even with their Facebook pages that had nothing but a home page with few pictures and buttons, none active. Don’t do this. This doesn’t create curiosity to come back and keep visiting the site in a hope that there will be something important (one day)!

Good luck if you are building your website or planning to. Here are few links that can help you enhance your knowledge about the web, the websites and the entrepreneurship.

Google Analytics – Google’s free tool – consider this as your bible

Avinash Kaushik – treat him as your bishop

Guy Kawasaki – you cant start a business without reading him

Seth Godin – I cant explain what he means in words – just subscribe and read his 5000+ posts and hundreds of YouTube videos

KnockKnock - Seth Godin’s incomplete guide on building a website that works!

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