I have had chance to work with MSMQ earlier, and being Microsoft family, it sounded and worked pretty smoothly. Now working with MQSC – the IBM MQ tool, things don’t seem as smooth as MSMQ, but with good documentation, the installation came out pretty quick.
First Error:
Trying to send a message to one of the Qs using MQSC. Simple Receive-Send port combination to drop an XML to Q.

A message sent to adapter “MQSC” on send port “SendPort_TestMQSC” with URI “mqsc://XXXXXXXXXXXXX” is suspended.
Error details: Failure encountered while attempting to open queue. queue = MM.TEST, queueManager = MM08, reasonCode = 2035

The user ID used to open the Q is not authorized to open that particular Q. Either allow that userID to access that Q (MQ Side operation), or use an existing authorised user ID.

more coming….

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