About two years ago, was looking for some good books to read and amazon recommended me the above book. Its FREE.  Didn’t take much to read so I read! What the heck.

The title says it all. In this book, the author travels you from the universe perspective. That a Universe is so huge, full of infinite galaxies, those galaxies are bunch of stars, again infinite. Planet earth is just one of those stars in infinite galaxies in the universe. So if you look at it, you are so tiny, tiny, tiny part of the universe, that YOU DON’T MATTER! Nothing will stop or resume on your actions.

When we look back, we don’t remember all the days or even years, but there are few moments or events that we see in perspective. Like the apartment you lived few years or a friend. Something that matters.

If you really want to MATTER, MEAN SOMETHING, you have to do things that are so significant like a single largest start in a galaxy. And usually THINGS are not significant, but its effect is. We see hundreds of people around us, who live very normal life without worrying about “MATTER”, and it’s very much fine. Afterall they are still stars. You have to decide if you want to remain a star as you were born, or shine so bright, that you really matter.

Taking this in what I do along with my crew everyday at Crawded, we have started to shine and making small differences in many students’ lives.

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Last month when my team went to a school, one of the students who was already using Crawded came up to share his experience with Crawded.

Surely, when I was in 9th grade, I wouldn’t have been able to even think on what he actually says in public.

Things are looking great as we progress in making small differences. And as Guy Kawasaki says in THIS post , “If you make meaning, you’ll probably make money. If you make money, you might not make meaning. At the end of one’s life, hopefully you’ve done more than simply make money”

Happy Learning!

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